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Why do I need X-rays of my teeth?

When you get a check up done at the dentist, it is very important that you have x-rays taken of your teeth, even if you are not having any pain or sensitivity. Without these, the examination is incomplete as there may be many issues that go unchecked and will not become apparent until it is too late! 😱

The small x-rays that are taken in the mouth help to check if there is any enamel weakening where the teeth contact each other, and can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Sometimes you can even avoid needing a filling if a weak spot is identified early enough and preventative measures are taken.

X-rays also allow assessment of bone levels, existing fillings, and other structures of the teeth.

They are usually taken every 2-5 years. How often you will need these x-rays will depend on your dental practitioner’s assessment of how likely you are to develop decay or other problems (a range of factors will determine this) 🧐

If you are worried about the exposure to radiation, you can be rest assured that the radiation level of these x-rays are very low and the exposure to one of these is comparable to a 1-2 hour flight ✈️

So don’t wait until it’s too late! Go to the dentist, and all will be great! 🤪


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