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The dangers of mail order and direct to consumer orthodontics...

In recent years there are now many online orthodontic options available. They provide convenience and competitive prices. However these come with many dangers including irreversible and expensive damage that can lead to gum and tooth loss.

Any orthodontic treatment whether it be clear aligners or braces requires regular and ongoing supervision by a dentist or orthodontist, this ensures the teeth are being moved safely. Mail order or direct to consumer products do not provide regular ongoing care and in most cases the treatment has not been prescribed by a dentist that has seen you personally. Treatment without the supervision of a registered dental practitioner can cause damage to the roots of your teeth, tooth loosening and gum recession. All of these are avoidable with proper dental practitioner supervision and treatment planning.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment please contact your dental practitioner to receive personalised advice. Your general dentist will ensure the health of your teeth and gums prior to orthodontic treatment, and can even refer you to an orthodontist for more complex care.


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