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Baby and Bottle

Is it okay for my baby to sleep with a bottle?

A bottle is a great way to help baby fall asleep, but having a bottle in their mouth for hours while going to sleep can be harmful to their teeth. Research also shows that falling asleep with a bottle increases the risk of choking, ear infection and tooth decay.

In extreme cases children can develop bottle feeding caries; severe tooth decay in infants caused by frequent and long-term exposure to liquids containing sugar through sleeping with a bottle in their mouths. It is important to remember milk contains lactose which is a sugar, and therefore continual contact with the teeth can be detrimental.

If your child has a night time feed remember to always take them out of their cot and hold them to feed with a bottle so that feeding time is monitored 🍼

Early intervention is key; if you have any concerns about your childs teeth or dental development see your dental practitioner. First dental visits should be aimed at age 1 and together with your dental practitioner you can ensure your child’s teeth are best cared for!


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